freeing your mind to think expansively requires that you first free your time.

There are 3 big things that are required to free your time.

  1. Thinking in systems
  2. Embracing new technologies
  3. Forming new habits

In 2024, online marketing has changed drastically. What used to take a team to accomplish in weeks can now be done by one person in minutes.

A whole new class of platforms, apps and tools allow for automations that can free you to focus on areas of your business and life that need you the most. If you’ve wondered how some of your competitors are able to do so much with ease, they’re probably using these modern workflows. 

When you have 10 minutes, watch this video that introduces 8 key concepts of modern online marketing. It’ll change the way you do business. 

about Paris Hyun

Paris Hyun is a third generation entrepreneur. She spent the first half of her career building and managing digital properties for internationally recognized brands in the arts, education and retail spaces. You can learn more about that on LinkedIn.

She’s now the owner of Foundational, a digital marketing consultancy. 

If she could change one thing in her life, it would’ve been to ask the women entrepreneurs in her family about their processes and insights that led to business success.

She’s made it her mission to find and document the workflows in the current landscape that can help professionals grow their businesses while making ‘free time’ a priority and a reality, regardless of where they are in their careers.

She spends her free time as an avid hill sprint enthusiast, teaching and performing long form improvisation in Portland, Oregon, and preserving family recipes that originated in Seoul, Korea.