Foundational is a digital marketing company helping businesses in the pacific northwest.

Our goal is to help small businesses, entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants grow their businesses through exceptional content marketing consultation for lead generation.

What sets us apart from other small business marketing companies is the depth of our expertise working with nationally recognized brands in web development and content marketing that we’ve tailored for small business growth.

Our joy is helping clients create the foundations of a lead generating ecosystem.

Paris Hyun Headshot

about Paris Hyun, Chief Digital Strategist

I grew up in a family of designers and engineers, and I was the black sheep.

My mom made my junior prom dress (crushed blue velvet with white lace). While my friends were shopping for college furniture at Bed, Bath & Beyond, my dad was making mine in the garage.

Unlike my design-oriented parents however, my super power from an early age was writing. I was reading essays that I wrote in front of the school at age 9, and by the 10th grade my English teacher would pick apart my writing in front of the class as a teaching tool and send me away to the library to grade papers.

After college I found myself working for a tech startup doing SEO writing. From there I spent 10 years working for agencies building brands and web properties for internationally recognized brands.

My career was going great, I was making good money, but something was missing. I always felt an unease wherever I was working. What I realized was that perhaps because I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs (going back at least two generations), that what I really wanted was to be an entrepreneur. Not only that, I wanted to help other entrepreneurs like my mom and dad.

So, I’ve taken the work that I love to do and that I’m good at, crafting digital content strategy with killer project management skills, to help entrepreneurs who I really believe in in building their thriving consulting businesses by helping them define their message, their offer and creating an efficient system for their online marketing.

I’m the creator of the MAP for CATs (Messaging, Assets and Platforming for Creatives, Artists and Thought Leaders). It’s an end to end solution for crafting an effective and efficient digital content strategy to help consultants build sustainable and thriving businesses. .

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