Top 3 website tips for photographers to book more clients

So, let’s say you just launched your website and you feel confident that you have all the basics covered for a well-designed lead generation website. That’s great. The thing is – not all small business websites have the same needs.

Below are the top three things that can put a photographer in the best position to gain a new client through their website.

1. Mobile-friendly photo galleries of past client sessions are essential

If there’s one thing that 100% of your potential clients will be looking for on your website, it’s examples of your work. Typically on a photographer’s website this means galleries organized by service (wedding photography, family portraits, etc), and then galleries organized around past client sessions.

Here’s the key: your galleries need to have strong and simple navigation for potential clients to look at your photos in these galleries on their mobile phones. There are a few simple things that a good photo gallery needs:

  • Thumb swipe left and right to scroll through a gallery
  • Tap to enlarge any given image with the ability to pinch to zoom in and see details up close.
  • A big fat ‘x’ in the corner of the enlarged image to close it and return to the gallery in order to keep browsing.

It’s that simple and it’ll actually benefit you to keep it simple.

If your website galleries have this basic functionality viewed from a mobile device, you’re doing great!

2. Pricing tables of your photography packages will help clients remember you

A lot of photographers offer clear pricing tables for their packages on their websites. This is an easy way to set yourself apart and be memorable to people who are shopping for a photographer.

This is because photography is a highly competitive profession. There are a lot of options out there for great photographers in any given city. One of the ways a potential client will often whittle their options down is to reach out to the two or three photographers who provided information about pricing.

Why? It saves them time. If you’re dealing with wedding photography or even family portraits, there’s almost always a budget involved. If you provide pricing information up front, and your rates match the potential client’s budget, you’re more likely to capture the lead because you’ve saved the client time by not making them wait to find out your prices through an unnecessary email exchange.

3. Good website design is non-negotiable for photography websites

You’re in the business of aesthetics. You can’t afford to present something that’s less than visually pleasing to a potential client, no matter what it is.

Even if your photography work is beautiful, if you house them in a website that doesn’t look aesthetically pleasing or professional-looking, this can hurt your business.

When a potential client visits your website and they don’t yet know anything about you, the very first thing they’ll do is use your website information to categorize you in their minds as either an amateur or a professional.

Because your work involves design and aesthetics, it matters more for you than perhaps other business owners to have a professional-looking website.

Good design basics

  • Make sure your website is cleanly branded with a logo, a color scheme, a typographical visual language and a brand essence to set you apart and set you up to be perceived as a professional.
  • De-clutter your homepage. Depending on how long ago you first published your website, the homepage can become like the floor of a teenager’s bedroom — random items thrown everywhere, tacked on haphazardly over the years. This can make for a disorganized, disjointed layout and an unpleasant look / feel to your overall homepage.

Your homepage is the most important part of your website.

Be sure to take time to organize your homepage content into a visually-pleasing, easy-to-navigate experience with clear messaging around your brand and your services. If you’re not sure how to organize the layout of your homepage, a free and easy way to get some inspiration is to browse through Squarespace templates – some of which are geared towards photographers.Take a look at how the homepages are divided into sections and what goes in each section.

If you hit the three specific things listed above and have a good lead generation strategy in place (topic for another time), you’re on your way to running a successful photography business website. Happy snapping!

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